Child’s Prayer before the Holy Burial Shroud of Our Lord


Those who want to venerate the shroud should approach it on their knees and make a profound bow (head to floor) twice. Then they can say the following prayer or pray in their own words.

Lord Jesus, I am sad that you had to suffer so much. You were blamed unfairly, you were made fun of, you were beaten, then you were nailed to a cross. Your friends ran away instead of standing up for you. I don’t really understand all of what happened.

But I do know that you did all this because you wanted to show all people what true love is. It means loving even if it hurts, even giving up your life for those you love. Thank you for loving us so much. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me when I do wrong and hurt other people. Thank you for choosing me to be your follower. Help me to be faithful to you all my life. I love you.

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After the prayer, they kiss the hands and the feet of Our Lord. If possible, some may kiss the wound where the lance pierced his side. They make one more profound bow, move to the side and leave by making the Sign of the Cross bending from the waist towards the shroud.

 Sing or pray as you sit in front of the Holy Shroud.


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