March 21, 2020

Слава Ісусу Христу! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Bishop Kenneth:

            On behalf of the Ukrainian Catholic laity, women and men religious and monastics, and clergy of the Eparchies of New Westminster and Edmonton, I greet you and your faithful on the occasion of your enthronement as Bishop of the Holy Family Eparchy of London.

            My dear friend and brother in the episcopacy, your enthronement today takes place in most unusual circumstances – the Coronavirus pandemic – in the presence of a handful of witnesses to what would normally be a joyful celebration with thousands invoking the grace of the Holy Spirit upon the beginnings of your new ministry.

            Yet, I am reminded of that very first Easter morning, where similarly a great event was witnessed by only a few, namely, a handful of myrrh-bearing women who were the first to hear of the joyful and glorious news that Our Lord and Saviour had risen from the dead. They in turn, with haste in their step, ran to tell the disciples and others. From that time on, generation after generation have shared the good news that God is with us!

            Take courage, Bishop Kenneth, and be not afraid. That same Risen Lord will bless and guide you in your newfound ministry as Shepherd of the Ukrainian Catholic faithful throughout the United Kingdom. Your vast experience as a priest and as a bishop in a variety of key ministries and ecclesiastical offices at local, national, synodal, and international levels have prepared you for what lies ahead. But most of all, your love for God and God’s people will be your greatest strength and gift among those whom you are now called to serve.

            Forgive me and the faithful of the Eparchy of New Westminster, whom you served as our bishop for over twelve years, if we already miss you. Do know that you are loved and that we are very grateful for your dedicated pastoral service in attending to our spiritual needs. Do come back and visit us often. From Westminster to New Westminster.

            As you begin your new ministry, we pray that God’s grace and love fills your heart and the hearts of all your faithful throughout the United Kingdom, and brings joy and peace to all.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Rev. David Motiuk

Apostolic Administrator, Eparchy of New Westminster

Eparchial Bishop, Eparchy of Edmonton