St Vladimir’s in Red Deer held an Outside Water Blessing and Renewal of Baptism on Sunday Jan 19th; the weather was warmer but still cold however, we had an enthusiastic celebration, processions, Great Blessing of Water, Blessing of the Church property with Holy Jordan water, and Renewal of Baptism in the outside water pool.  The event was organized by the Knights of Columbus with a lot of support and help from all parishioners.  We had a wonderful group of children, and families it looked like made a point of all coming together for the Divine Liturgy and Blessing of Water. On Saturday Fr Jim Nakonechny served the Great Complines of Theophany  and Litya to help set the tone for the event.  The UCWLC ladies provided everyone with a very generous hot bowl of soup after the event. The hall was full for nearly an hour as our families visited in a spirit of joyful celebration.