April 10, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The foundation of Catholic education lies in the ongoing partnership between the family, the school, and the parish in nurturing our children and youth to prepare them for this world and the next.  These efforts are further supported by the Catholic community in their commitment to championing the great endeavor of human formation that is at the heart of Catholic schools.

Catholic school districts from across the province are forming teams to advocate for publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta.  These Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education (GrACE) teams are committed to raising awareness of the gift of Catholic education and garnering support from the broader Catholic community.  We are pleased to share that Edmonton Catholic Schools has a team whose membership includes Trustees, the Superintendent, clergy, parish staff, parents, and members of the Ukrainian Catholic Youth, Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League, and the Edmonton Eparchy Chapter of the Knights of Columbus.  

We have included information and advocacy documents that are being shared with our local Ukrainian Catholic Lay Organizations in an effort to support their work in championing publicly funded Catholic education for future generations.

Keep up to date on the work of our group by following Grace: Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education on Facebook and @GrACE4cathed on Twitter.


Laura Thibert, Board Chair, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Joan Carr, Superintendent, Edmonton Catholic Schools

Millie Schietzsch, Director of Youth Ministry, Eparchy of Edmonton
Mary Ann Phillips, President, Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League
Kerry Boyko, President, Edmonton Eparchy Chapter of the Knights of Columbus


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