Thursday Night

  1. A) Introduction to the Ellison’s and our experience of grief
  1. B) Death – Blessing, Curse, or Annihilation?

Touching our own mortality & the fear of death

What meaning do we make of this inescapable reality?


  1. C) The Theology and Practice of the Church

We will begin to look through the Scriptural and Patristic Teachings on Death

  1. D) Grief Work, The Job No-one Wants.

Purpose of Grief

What does Grief & Mourning Look Like?

What should we expect? How long will it last?



Friday Night

  1. A) Introduction to avoidance of the subject of death

One of the greatest areas we avoid looking at death

Abortion, Miscarriage, Infant Loss, Birth Defects, Premature and Still Birth

Real Grief, Real Mourning…. that must be addressed, not avoided

  1. B) Small group discussions on how we avoid considering our own mortality and how we avoid others who have experienced loss.
  1. C) Openly communicating in families & parishes
  1. D) Q & A if time permits



Saturday Morning

  1. A) Grief is a Common Experience


  1. B) Lesser but real losses

Cancer, Heart Disease, and other unexpected illnesses,

Old Age & Decline

Suicide & Violence, Auto accidents and other tragedies, Military service


  1. C) The Theology and Practice of the Church

Funerals and other customs: What it teaches us.

How am I going to relate to all of this?

The Body matters, Communion matters, I matter

What am I doing here? The work of prayer.


Saturday Afternoon

  1. A) How can we prepare for our own death and the deaths of those we love?

Do I believe in the Resurrection?

  1. B) How can we help others? Practical ideas & discussions

Source: Edmonton Eparchy