With Papal Nuncio 8 May 2015

Left to right: Anatoliy Babynskyi, editor of Patriarkhat magazine (L’viv), Fr. Andriy Chirovsky, Sheptytsky Institute (Ottawa), Archbp. Luigi Bonazzi , Apostolic Nuncio, Fr. Michael Winn, Rector, Holy Spirit Seminary (Ottawa), Dr. Andrew Sorokowski, President of the Ukrainian Patriarchal Society (Washington, DC) Photo: Robert Ryan


Ukrainian Catholic Delegation Visits Apostolic Nuncio to Canada



On Friday, February 8, 2015, just before the beginning of the Sheptytsky Institute’s Ottawa Colloquium on the Future of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in North America, a delegation visited the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbp. Luigi Bonazzi, to inform him on the situation in Ukraine. The conversation was cordial, but forthright, the various Ukrainian Catholic leaders emphasizing that the Church in Ukraine deserves unambiguous solidarity from the worldwide Catholic Church during this time of foreign aggression. The delegation underlined that the Catholic Church has long put forward the Just War Theory that differentiates clearly between aggression and self-defense.  The Ukrainian cause especially needs assistance in the struggle with outright disinformation disseminated by the Russian government with the assistance of the Moscow Patriarchate.


Apostolic Nuncio Archbp. Luigi Bonazzi was presented with the latest volume of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, in which the editorial by Fr. Andriy Chirovsky analyzes from a religious point of view the Maidan and the situation following the Russian invasion.









Source: Edmonton Eparchy