II – Aid to the Missionary Church in the World

(Pentecost Sunday)

             Christ died for our sins on the life-giving wood of the Cross. His message of love, mercy and forgiveness is needed ever more in our broken world. As Christians, we are called to continue Jesus’ mission of spreading the Good News, each according to our ability and means.

            Concretely, the Church invites us to collaborate in the mission of the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, by giving generously to the following international collections.

          Peter’s Pence – Peter’s Pence, also known as “Pope’s Pastoral Works” or “Papal Charities,” is the name given to the financial support offered by the faithful to the Holy Father for those in need.  A disastrous flood or earthquake strikes a nation at the other end of the world.  Immediately many countries rush in food, medicine, blankets, money and trained people.  Prominent among such aid is the financial help offered by the Holy Father.   In the name of Catholics everywhere, the Pope displays Christ’s love and compassion for those who suffer in times of disaster.

         World Mission Fund – Some 80 years ago, the Holy Father instituted an annual observance of reflecting on and praying for the missions. The faithful are invited to contribute to a collection for the work of evangelization around the world. Funds collected are made available to the Universal Solidarity Fund administered by the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, which distributes these funds to the young churches in mission lands, especially the poorest.

         Collection for the Holy Land – Each year, the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, in the name of the Holy Father, draws attention to the Christian community in the Holy Land, who continue to aspire for peace and tranquility. Our financial support helps to safeguard the Holy Sites, offer worship, assist pilgrims and augment apostolic works.

         Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) – For more than 75 years, CNEWA, a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support, has been a lifeline for those in need throughout the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe. Its mandate is: to support the pastoral mission and institutions of the Eastern Catholic Churches; to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need without regard to nationality or creed; to promote Christian unity and interreligious understanding and collaboration; and to educate people in the West about the history, cultures, peoples and churches of the East  (www.cnewa.org).

Aid to the Church in Ukraine – The Church in Ukraine continues to develop and grow following many years of persecution. It requires our generous support in the following areas:

  • Aid to the Church in Ukraine (general needs) (www.ugcc.org.ua)
  • Annual Synod of Bishops (to assist in the various bishop-synodal commissions, including, liturgy, theology, ecumenism, and the promotion of causes of saints)
  • Andrew’s Pence (discretionary fund for His Beatitude Lubomyr to provide missionary aid where the Ukrainian Catholic Church lacks bishops, parishes, and church infrastructure, for example, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain, etc.)
  • Building of the Patriarchal Sobor-Cathedral of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Kyiv (www.kyivsobor.ugcc.org.ua)
  • Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv (www.ucu.edu.ua; www.ucef.ca)

Thank you for your generosity!   May God bless you and your families!