Since it is the start of Great Lent please don’t forget to take down your blessed pussy-willows. When dealing with blessed items we should always show care and respect. Holy things ought to be disposed of in a holy way. Once a blessed item has fulfilled its function the most respectful way to deal with it is to burn it and bury the ashes in a place where it will not be walked on, or intentionally desecrated (i.e. garden or flower bed). The church continually collects blessed objects for burning and would be happy to help. Please bring them with you when you come for worship.

It is a good idea to have in our house a bag, under our prayer corner, into which we put all flowers, bay leaves, basil, uneaten antidoron (blessed bread), and anything we may have received from church which was blessed. If it’s impossible for one to burn these things, burying them in a garden or earth that will not be walked on, or intentionally desecrated, is also acceptable.