Saturday, October 1st at St. Nicholas Parish (9507 Austin O’Brien Rd, Edm) 9:30am to 4:00pm.

The course will be divided into two levels. Level 1 will continue to work on the Divine Liturgy, its structure and musical options. Level 1 would be ideal for those who are new to cantoring or for those who would like to gain confidence in their cantoring abilities. Level 2 will focus on the eight resurrection tones for the changeable parts of the Liturgy. Cost of either course is $50.00 which includes a hot meal and supplies. Participants in Level 2 will need to bring a copy of “The Divine Liturgy – An Anthology for Worship” with them, copies of which are available at the Chancery Office for an additional $44 (can be purchased at the course as well or at our Parish). Those interested should call and register through the Chancery at 780-424-5496.