Dormition Fast: From August 1st to the 14th, we enter a period of preparation for the great feast of the Falling Asleep of the Mother of God.  A dispensation is given for the Feast of the Transfiguration (Aug 6), this means that the fast is lessened on this day because it is a feast of the Lord. Normally, the fast is broken on August 15th, after receiving Holy Communion, but this year we will transfer the feast to, Sunday, Aug 14.

Holy Transfiguration (Aug 6): On this feast day we bring grapes, other fruits and vegetables for a blessing, which takes place after the Liturgy.  The blessing on this day is a beautiful and adequate sign of the final transfiguration of all things in Christ.  It signifies the ultimate flowering and fruitfulness of all creation in the paradise of God’s unending Kingdom of Life where all will be transformed by the glory of the Lord.

Don’t Forget to:

  • Bring FRUITS and VEGETABLES on Aug 6 (Liturgy)
  • Bring FLOWERS and SEEDS on Aug 14 (Liturgy)