The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church declared 2011 as the Year of Consecrated Life, highlighting the positive role women and men religious and monastics exercise in promoting the mission of the Church.
In this light, a worldwide Patriarchal Sobor on Consecrated Life will take place in Prudentopolis, Brazil from August 31 to September 4.
To prepare for this special event, the Eparchy of Edmonton will host an Eparchial Sobor on Consecrated Life on April 28. The theme of the Sobor is: “Starting Afresh From Christ – A Renewed Commitment to Consecrated Life in the Third Millennium In addition to clergy and religious – parishes and parish districts are to be represented by two delegates each. For further information, see attached Pastoral Letter, and contact your local pastor or the Chancery Office.

Bishop David’s Pastoral Letter

Prayers in English/Ukrainian from the Patriarchal Sobor for the Year of Consecrated Life