Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God Parish and
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Bishop David’s Paschal Message 2019 (Eng/Ukr)   The Resurrection and Return to the Father  Today, we celebrate the glorious feast of the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.          Today, we sing a hymn of victory, for in our Lord’s Passover from death to life, Christ our...

Parish News and Bulletin

Parish Mission 2017 – Metanoia: Being Divinely Renovated

Whether you are active in your Christian faith, or hear God's invitation to renew your relationship with Him, or are seeking a spiritual home, come join us. You are invited to explore an Eastern Christian perspective on being transformed by God. Fr. Michael Winn will...

The Purpose of the Great Fast

Source: Royal Because we did not fast we were banished from paradise. So then let us fast so as to return back to paradise. (St. Basil, On Fasting, 1) Although our time has brought with it many changes in church laws, traditions, and discipline, and the...

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