Hines Creeek

HINES CREEK – ALL SAINTS Parish (Парафія Всіх Святих)

Approximately 50 people organized themselves in 1931 and chose the first Parish council with Fr. Matthew Sianchuk presiding and M. Kalynsky and I. Yasniy as members. In 1933 the Ukrainian Catholic community in Hines Creek bought 4 acres of land for the cemetery approximately 4 km. outside the town. In 1937 the Basilian Fathers bought an acre of land in the town. In 1940 a beautiful church (44’ x 28’) was built on this parcel of land. The Ukrainian community enjoyed a very strong group of Ladies Auxiliary, that they called Sisterhood (Sestrytstvo) and a Ukrainian Catholic Youth (U.C.Y.).

A church residence with 4 rooms, worth $2,500.00, was built in 1951. The church services were held once a month.

Basilian priests who worked in the missionary vineyard: Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Paul Olinsky, Fr. Theodosius Dobko (1936), Fr. Matthew Sianchuk (1939), Fr. Ireneus Procenty, Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk and Fr. Benedict Hrynyshyn (1950).

The Eparchial clergy included the following priests: Fr. John Malaschuk (1951-1952), Fr. Peter Moysiuk (1953-1954), Fr. Omilian Nakonechny (1957-1959), Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1960-1968), Fr. Dmytro Baziuk (1970- ), Fr. Philip Shinduke (1972-1976), Fr. Richard Zuback (1983-1985), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1986-1992), Fr. William Hupalo (1993-1995), Fr. Ivan Nykyforuk (1996-2003), Fr. Gary Sedgwick (2003-2008), Fr. Taras Kraychuk (2009-2010), Fr. Roman Planchak (2010-).