About Us

We are the local Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish for the city of Grande Prairie, and are part of the Peace Country pastoral district. Our mission is to worship God, celebrate and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ–all for the sake of building up the Kingdom of Heaven and for the salvation of souls.

OOur Christian heritage comes from the East as we belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) and follow the Byzantine Rite. Our Church is part of the Catholic Communion of Churches, of which there are 23 Particular Churches. Each Church, even though it may practice one of five rites (Byzantine, Latin, Armenian, Syrian and Coptic), shares in a common ancient Christian faith, lives out a Christian Sacramental life, and is united under the leadership of the Pope of Rome.Each rite within the Catholic Church has its own distinct Tradition, which is made up of the following elements: Liturgy, Spirituality, Theology, Canon Law, and Sacred Art. It is important to note that each rite expresses, and celebrates, the Christian faith differently, but they all agree on the fundamental Catholic Doctrines of faith.

The Byzantine Rite has its origin in the apostolic church of Greece and Asia Minor. It was gifted to the people of Kievan-Rus and now has been brought from Europe to be shared with the people of Canada.

As Byzantine-Kievan Catholics we proudly maintain our Orthodox liturgical, spiritual and sacramental way of life in the 21st century. And we invite all people who wish to deepen their faith and participate in Eastern-Christian worship to join us. Our doors are open to everyone.