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“Righteous of the world”

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi should be granted the title of the “Righteous of the world.” The ex-minister of the foreign affairs of Poland, Adam Rotfeld states that Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church should be granted the title of the “Righteous of the world.” He stresses that repeated unfair decisions of the Israeli museum “Yad Vashem” with respect to Sheptytskyi undermine the authority of that institution. According to Rotfeld, granting of the title of the righteous to Andrey Sheptytskyi is a matter of honour for those whose lives he saved. “People from “Yad Vashem” who passed the decision regarding the granting of the title to Andrey Sheptytskyi have a very vague idea, one can even say almost no idea about this matter. They lived in other circumstances, therefore, the decision was passed in the same way as many other administrative decisions, on the basis of various denunciations, and various documents, which were deliberately forged,” said Adam Rotfeld. He told the audience the story of his own rescue. He was one of the Jewish children hidden by Greek Catholic monks on Metropolitan Sheptytsky’s instruction. Monks of the monastery in the village of Univ transported him from his native town of Peremyshliany in Lviv Region and hid him in the monastery. Adam is the only member of the Rotfelds family who survived the Holocaust. All in all, 150 Jews were...

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Mideast Christians Pray for Iraq

09 Nov 2010 – by Judith Sudilovsky RAMALLAH, West Bank (CNS) — Hundreds of Palestinian Catholics in Ramallah and Bethlehem attended special Masses in memory of the more than 50 Iraqis killed in an attack on the Syrian Catholic cathedral in Baghdad and called for protection for Christians in the Middle East. In Iraq, Christian leaders met with the nation’s prime minister to discuss the problem of security for Christian places of worship. In front of the altar at Holy Family Parish in Ramallah Nov. 5, members of the Catholic Scouts held signs calling for an end to the massacre in Iraq and the killing of innocents. A sign on one of three flower wreaths propped against the pulpit proclaimed, “To our beloved victims in Iraq, Christians and Muslims.” On the steps of the altar, small lit candles spelled out the words “Iraq” and “Palestine.” Outside the church, Maral Shatara, 20, painted Iraqi flags and crosses on the faces of young Catholic Scouts. “This was something very bad, not just because they were Christian but because we are all human beings and no one has the right to take another life. There is no guarantee that it won’t happen here,” she said, referring to the Oct. 31 attacks that left 58 people dead and at least 75 injured. Shatara said tensions between Muslims and Christians had not escalated to...

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Deadly Attack on Iraqi Christians

03 Nov 2010 – by Carol Glatz VATICAN CITY (CNS) — A deadly militant siege of a Catholic church in Baghdad, Iraq, was a “savage” act of “absurd violence,” Pope Benedict XVIsaid. The pope urged international and national authorities and all people of good will to work together to end the “heinous episodes of violence that continue to ravage the people of the Middle East.” The attack occurred Oct. 31 as about 100 people gathered for Sunday Mass. “I pray for the victims of this absurd violence, which is even more savage because it struck defenseless people, gathered in God’s house, which is a house of love and reconciliation,” Pope Benedict said after praying the Angelus with pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square Nov. 1, the feast of All Saints. The following day, he sent a telegram to Baghdad as Catholics held funerals for two priests and several others among the 58 people killed in the violence. “Deeply saddened by the violent deaths of so many faithful and of Fathers Tha’ir Saad and Boutros Wasim, I want to participate spiritually in the funeral while I pray that these brothers and sisters would be welcomed into the mercy of Christ in the Father’s house,” the pope said. “For years, this beloved country has suffered unspeakable pain, and even the Christians have become the objects of savage attacks which, with total disrespect...

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A CALL TO PRAYER AND FOR LIVING VOICES FOR JUSTICE A Pastoral Message from the Ukrainian Catholic and the Ukrainian Orthodox Hierarchs of United States of America and Canada Ukrainians throughout the world will commemorate the 77th anniversary of the genocidal famine, the “HOLODOMOR”, which was perpetuated by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet regime against the people of Ukraine in 1932-33.  We will pray together for the souls of the over seven million victims of this man-made famine.  We will raise our collective voice against such oppressive measures and suffering being used in the name of any ideology. It...

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Why Do We Need The Church?

“When we stay within the embrace of our mother the Church, we can know that we are with our Lord.”

A frequent question we hear is “Why do we need the Church?” People want to know why they must go to a particular church, attend services they may not understand, obey rules that feel constricting to their lifestyle, and spend time with others they do not know or want to know. They say it is enough to talk to God in their own way, where and when they are in the mood to do so. They have lost the vision that our Lord’s purpose for incarnating as a human being was not simply to establish places to gather for rituals and coffee hour. “Church” is far more than buildings, rites and rules.

Why do we need church?so that we can know, experience and live within God, here on earth as well as in eternity. How can we possibly make such an incredible claim? On the one hand this life with God is difficult to describe in words, in the same way it is difficult to explain failing in love. On the other hand, Scripture is very clear that knowing God is precisely what He has in mind and to know God is to live in Him. He created each and every one of us deliberately, on purpose, for the sole aim of living with us and in us throughout all of eternity.

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